Help me get rich.

Open Chords. I covered a few songs on guitar over the weekend and recorded it, just for you.

Skimp vs. Bob I mixed some of my old songs, and some Bob Dylan songs, which are all old, and created this masterpiece, you're welcome.

Alexander Dusan Vucasovich vs. The World. A bunch of sad emo songs, and I think maybe a funny one or two, a high quality and beautiful audio experience.

Blues Astronaut. If John Lennon was depressed and sold drugs, this is the album he would make. He may have been, didn't to my knowledge, and is now dead, so…

Sound Experiments. Rap, rock, hip hop, acoustic, what's next? Techno mother fuckers!

The Almighty Mixtape 2 Much like The Almighty Mixtape before it, this album is chock full of classic rock samples.  Lyricaly I get a bit deeper, but still find time…

The Almighty Mixtape. This album is pretty much just me talking a bunch of shit about how awesome I am, and how I'm going to be rich very soon, very…

The Almighty Dollar. This is one of my most well loved albums by many of my old school fans.  Raw raps and great production.

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Hello world!

After about 15 minutes I was able to create this amazing website, due to my unrelenting genius.  Soon I will have lots of cool albums and stuff for you to listen to, and other crazy shit.  In the mean time, donate some fucking money to me so I can live like a star.